Album: My Penance (2013)

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Song: Perspective

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In 2006, out of sheer desperation, several veterans of the Philly music underground decided to stage a musical coup. Looking at the musical horizon these Hardcore Punk warriors were disgusted beyond belief. Where was the heart? Where was the aggressiveness? Where was the Hardcore that they knew and loved for the last 25 years? It was non-existent. The bins were filled with namby pamby whiners wearing white belts and stamping their feet like a bunch of little boys complaining about having to eat their vegetables. Pathetic.

THE HEELS are not new jacks trying to co-op the past. THE HEELS are not reuniting and rolling out old material trying to relive their glory days. THE HEELS are not heading in a new direction and trying to distance themselves from their roots. No, THE HEELS are none of these things.

THE HEELS write dynamic no nonsense songs executed with a raw power and commitment. THE HEELS sound ranges from old school Hardcore Punk to thunderous rock and roll. THE HEELS bring the energy, power, truth and positive message of 80's Hardcore Punk because THE HEELS are 80's Hardcore Punk.

Proudly hailing from Philly THE HEELS features members of Brickhouse, Pagan Babies, Limecell and Rancid Vat.